These broad hills covered in Acacias are surrounded by grasslands. They serve as one of the entrances to the Serengeti National Park. Moreover, they offer a shelter to antelopes, elephants and giraffes.
They are also the area of residence of the Naabi lion pride and many cheetahs.
From December to April the Great Migration takes place to the East and South of the Serengeti and its heart is located right in this area. There are only wildebeests and zebras as far as the eye can see and, by reaching the top of the Hills, there is a 360° view of the herds. There are so many specimens it is hard to see the green of the grass.

The areas of Eastern Serengeti

  • Kopjes and the Sametu Marsh
  • Naabi Hills
  • Gol Kopjes
  • Barafu Gorge and Kopjes
  • Lemuta Hill
  • Lake Natron