The Kopjes are granitic rock formations or gneiss of volcanic origin. Millions of years ago, lava and ashes from volcanic eruptions, that took place in the area, deposited sediments here. During the course of millennia, they caused the formation of these outcrops.
They offer an amazing scenery, but this is not all. On the inside, they are home to  a microecosystem of plants and animals which are not found in the surrounding area.
Another feature of the Gol Kopjes is the highest concentration of cheetahs in the whole Africa. During the rainy season there are great chances to spot them and take amazing pictures. This is one of the best places in the Serengeti Park.
Lions, hyenas, Grant gazelles, Thomson gazelles, honey badgers, elands and agamas live here as well.
The Gol Kopjes are also known as “Japanese Rock Garden”.
Here, it is possible to go off track, but it is important to be careful to keep a certain distance from the cheetahs, especially if they are concentrated on hunting, they caught a prey or they are spending time with their cubs.
Cheetahs are very sensitive animals and they often abandon their prey, and sometimes even their cubs, if bothered by vehicles.


The areas of Eastern Serengeti

  • Kopjes and the Sametu Marsh
  • Naabi Hills
  • Gol Kopjes
  • Barafu Gorge and Kopjes
  • Lemuta Hill
  • Lake Natron