This is one of the most remote areas in Tanzania and the very few visitors, who decide to explore it, are offered an adventurous experience and the absence of other visitors.
There are no landmarks here, only broad grassy plains and the sky. The only exception is the Lemuta Hill, visible at a considerable distance due to the fact that it is the only element in the view.  
This place is outside the borders of the Serengeti National Park. It is possible to go on walking safaris and drive off the route. Moreover, there is a chance to meet the local population.
Close to the Hill there is a water pool, a precious source for all the animals in the area. Here, it is possible to experience spectacular sightings of both herbivorous and carnivores coming here to drink. It is also possible to witness hunts.
During the rainy season this place is visited by migrating gazelles from Central Serengeti, followed by cheetahs and possibly some lions.
Other animals spotted in the area are: hyenas living in clans, elands, golden jackals, honey badgers and African hares.

The areas of Eastern Serengeti

  • Kopjes and the Sametu Marsh
  • Naabi Hills
  • Gol Kopjes
  • Barafu Gorge and Kopjes
  • Lemuta Hill
  • Lake Natron