Lake Natron is located in the North, on the border with Kenya, and it is the main area of reproduction of Lesser pink Flamingos in the entire Eastern Africa. The reason why they gather here is to be looked for in the nature of the lake itself.
The Lake is famous for its reddish hue, and it is home to organisms whose nourishment consists of the salt contained in the Lake’s waters. Furthermore, its saline and alkaline floor is the perfect place for algae to grow. Flamingos feed on both the organisms and algae.
Flamingos spend their days in the Lake’s shallow waters moving their heads left and right under the surface. This way, the water seeps through their beaks and they get their nourishment.
This is a remote and desolate area where few visitors decide to go.

The areas of Eastern Serengeti

  • Kopjes and the Sametu Marsh
  • Naabi Hills
  • Gol Kopjes
  • Barafu Gorge and Kopjes
  • Lemuta Hill
  • Lake Natron