We are a team of African enthusiasts with a background in the world of digital marketing and online advertising.
We are passionate travelers, on our passports there are more than 60 stamps of countries from all over the world but Africa has always been our fixed idea and has always occupied a special place in our hearts; we are the living proof that the "African bug" ​​really exists, it is not a legend!
This passion has led us to deepen our knowledge of the African continent, the populations that inhabit it and the beautiful wildlife that makes it so unforgettable.
Some of us have followed a course of study that has led to become safari guides, others are professional photographers ready to capture the most spectacular scenes and sunsets.
With ExploringAfrica we want to make you fall in love with this wonderful continent, its many so different countries, its traditions, its music, its immense and deserted beaches, its enchanting natural scenery, its fiery sunsets and of course its wildlife and its natural parks.
We would very much like to accompany you to the discovery of our beloved Africa, and that's why with SafariAdv we have selected highly trusted local operators who, better than anyone else, know very well the countries in which they operate and are therefore perfectly able to study for you the trip that best suits your requirements.
SafariAdv also wants to offer a visibility opportunity for companies that want to join our projects and this immense and colorful African world.
In fact, our expeditions and our initiatives can be sponsored, and to our partner companies we offer remarkable visibility both on our media and through our editorial and marketing partnerships.
In addition, usually part of our earnings go to some locally-based businesses, that are concerned with animals and nature conservation projects; sponsor companies can participate in financing these initiatives, benefiting from a positive image return.
Follow us and let yourselves be conquered, we are ready to make you fall in love!
Safari Njema!
(that in Kiswahili means "Have a good trip")