Ndutu is a saline lake located at the centre of Southern Serengeti. The green season turns it into a paradise where to experience wonderful sightings.
It is found in the Southern Plains, close to the Acacia forests. The Migration stops here from December to April, when there are only wildebeests and zebras as far as the eye can see. The resting period of the herds in this area is also that of the birth of their cubs. It is a spectacular event, though heartbreaking at the same time because of the lurking predators, waiting to take advantage of a moment of weakness to jump the preys.
This place is favoured by reporters. They love shooting here. However, also people who are engaged for the safeguard of nature work near Lake Ndutu. Jane Goodall and Hugo van Lawick have conducted part of their research in this area.
Many giraffes reside here due to the presence of the Acacias they feed on. What’s more, between December and April lots of birds flock here, partly thanks to the Migration. Over 400 species, even aquatic ones, are present every year. Some of them are incredibly beautiful, such as the Flamingos and the Paradise Whydahs. Needless to say, the area becomes very popular among predators too.
It is common to spot lions, cheetahs, genets, caracals, elephants, leopards, cape eagle-owls and striped hyenas. 

The areas of Southern Serengeti

  • Triangle
  • Hidden Valley
  • Lake Ndutu
  • Kusini Plains
  • Olduvai Gorge
  • Matiti Plains and Twin Hills