In the Seronera Valley, the Retina Hippo Pool is well worth a visit.
Known by the name of Hippo Pools, it lies about 8 km North of Seronera, where the course of the Seronera river joins the Orangi river and forms  this deep pond puddled by hippos spending the day immersed in the water.

Often you can only see their little pink ears and the big nostrils from where they blow out excess water and make bubbles; this is the best place in the park where to spot these huge, noisy  mammals.

A visit to this pool is very interesting especially in the dry season, when there are more hippos than water; the huge mammals rest in the shallow water or the mud in search of coolness and shelter from the scorching sun, fighting each other for the best position.
This is one of the few places in the Serengeti National Park where you can leave the jeep and see hippos up close, and take advantage of great photography opportunities offered from one of the observation points.
Here is a picnic area where you can take a break or enjoy breakfast or lunch; on the sand you can see the unmistakable clover-shaped fingerprints left by these huge animals when, overnight, they leave the pool to graze on the grass around.
Contrary to their appearance, which makes them seem placid and relaxed, hippos can become very aggressive both with one another and with everyone else if anything gets between them and water; it is therefore advisable to be very careful when you are in their environment. 

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