Simba Kopjes are the tallest kopjes in the Serengeti National Park and, as the kiswahili name suggests, they are an excellent place to spot lions; Simba actually means lion.
The tallest kopje is called  “Soit Naado Murt” in Masai language, meaning ‘the long-necked stone’.  
This area is home to giraffes and baboons, and many species of birds.
To the South there is a small hippo pool, while to the West lie Lake Magadi swamps and salt flats, where numerous pink flamingos can be viewed.
There are several game loops that encircle the kopjes and that can be driven to capture the beauty of nature and spot the animals that reside there.
To the South of the kopjes there is a small hippo pool; to the West lies Lake Magadi with its shallow salty waters; this location with its glass-like waters offers the best opportunity to spot flamingos that feed on algae and some shrimps and that typically live in salt waters.
In the swampy part of the lake you can spot the reedbuck with its reddish coat.
Other animals that can usually be spotted in this area are: elephants, zebras, Grant’s gazelles, cheetahs and bat-eared foxes. 

The area of Central Serengeti

  • Seronera Valley
  • Seronera River
  • The Retina Hippo Pool
  • Moru Kopjes
  • Masai Kopjes
  • Makoma Hill
  • Turners Spring
  • Simba Kopjes
  • Long Grass Plains