Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and, with over four million inhabitants, is also the largest city in the State and in Eastern Africa.
Situated at 1,600 metres above sea level, Nairobi enjoys a fantastic climate, a sort of eternal spring, very mild, that makes the stay particularly pleasant.
The city of Nairobi is the main entry point to Kenya for visitors; its airport is served by many European and Asian airlines, besides, the city has a strategic location at the heart of the most-visited national parks and reserves, at a comfortable distance to reach them.
In addition to being the hub of naturalistic safaris, Nairobi offers also interesting excursions and sites to visit.
The Nairobi National Park is only 7 kilometres from the city centre; in the “city park”, the first national park established in the Country, there are many animals including prides of lions, numerous antelopes, buffalos and rhinos, both white and black.
A typical picture, that is often taken at the Nairobi NP, portrays the giraffes with a backdrop of the financial hub modern skyscrapers, an incredible contrast that makes this park unique in the world.
Close to the Nairobi National Park is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a foundation for the recovery and care of orphaned elephants or for those pachyderms that, for some reason, have been abandoned by the herd; the foundation’s aim is to reintroduce them in nature, once that cubs are grown.
Several times a day, the keepers give milk to the baby elephants and lead them to the pool for the bathroom, at 11 in the morning you can witness this moving spectacle, take pictures of the cubs from a few metres and, above all, help the foundation by adopting a baby one.
The Giraffe Center is a place where you can have a close encounter with another typical animal of the African savannah, the Center is born with the aim of studying and making restocking of the Rothschild's Giraffe, an endangered species of giraffe.
From a terrace it’s possible to “look into the eyes” of these amazing animals and feed them whit bars of a natural compound.
Adjacent to the Center is one of the most spectacular hotels in the world, the Giraffe Manor, where the giraffes are at home, run free through the park, and usually at the cocktail and breakfast hours, they come to the mansion to munch on some bars directly from the hands of the guests.
The breakfast room has large windows from which, in the morning, the giraffes’ huge big-heads peep out, stretching inside the hall to receive food from the guests and being immortalized in thousands of photos and selfies.
Close to the Giraffe Manor, in the district of Karen, is the Karen Blixen Museum where you can visit what was once the Danish author’s home and the beautiful surrounding gardens, where in the past her coffee crops were located.
In the Karen suburbs it’s also possible to visit the Kasuri’s laboratory, born to give a job and a source of income to single mothers, orphans or widows; here you will find numerous articles in terracotta, especially necklaces and bracelets made by women under the visitors’ eyes.
The National Museum of Kenya, at Westgate, is rich of exhibits, it’s the largest museum in the country and it is definitely worth a visit; inside there’s a section dedicated to the ethnic groups of Kenya and their traditions, another is assigned to the wildlife wealth of the country and a third part is dedicated to the evolution of man and to the hominid remains discovered in the Country.
Nairobi offers a variety of hotels, from super modern ones to those of more African or colonial atmosphere and, above all, countless restaurants with cuisines from all over the world.
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