The foundation created by Leonardo di Caprio has recently turned 20, years of success and hard work to try to save our planet from the effect of global warming, from poachers decimating the animal population, from plastic that pollutes seas and oceans and other threats that weigh on the planet earth.

Leonardo Di Caprio has declared that in the 20 years of activity the foundation, that takes his name, has donated over 100 million dollars, financing over 200 projects around the planet.

The initiatives, that have been funded by the Foundation, are present on all continents and work daily to protect flora and fauna; just think of the researcher Jane Goodall and her commitment to the primates or indigenous people of the Amazon forest or Borneo who are fighting deforestation.

Di Caprio is an important voice for conservation, through social media, he is able to raise public awareness about problems that are often forgotten and raises funds for non-governmental organizations.

The actor has also produced some documentaries that reveal the plagues of our planet or tell the problem of poaching, as in "Virunga" that tells the terrible reality of the rangers of the Congo, who protect the gorillas from poachers, risking their lives, or of the risk of global warming illustrated in "Before the flood".

We hope that the Di Caprio foundation will continue its excellent work for another 20 years, and then another 100, in the hope that people will increasingly understand the problem of safeguarding nature, because only in this way can a future be given to the planet.

If you want to contribute, you can make a donation on the Foundation's website at this link!