We are in love with Africa, the most beautiful and "absurd" continent in the world, in Africa people always smile like you would never expect and in an equally unexpected way they invite you home to share the few things they have.

They have nothing and they share the very few things they have?
Yes, because this is the way they live life; this is the concept of the village, where everyone helps each other,
and they are used to extends it to travelers who are lucky enough to visit those fantastic places.

Whether in the savannah, in the forest or along enchanting beaches, there will be someone ready to help you and give you a smile.

Have you ever found yourself in the unpleasant situation of having to change a tire or have a car problem in the middle of nowhere?
In Africa it often can happen but there is no problem because there will always be someone ready to help you, it is as your rescuers materialized themselves out of nowhere, and they do not do it for money but only because one day they could find themselves in the position to need an help.

In recent months, with the serious economic situation linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, many families and many villages have found themselves without a source of income and without those goods that are trivial for us, such as a disinfectant or any treatment, or even without food sources.

So we decided to help "our village" and combine an off-road adventure with a concrete and real help to the populations who need it most.

To do this we need a resistant vehicle that allows us to be autonomous and independent for several days and that has a good load capacity to carry the goods to be donated.

We want to have a fully equipped 4x4 WD car to be completely self-sufficient for everything.

We need your financial help to buy and equip that car.

If you want you can join us in this adventure and get on board, the laughs and the emotional moments will not be missing, as well as a pasta or a braai (BBQ) and a glass of wine around the fire, after all we are Italian and good food is part of our DNA in every situation.

Many thanks in advance to everyone for your help from us and from "our African village".

Stay tuned!


Data di inserimento: 
Thursday, October 22, 2020