Useful Information


6 days/ 7 nights

Trip stops/ Highlights

The Okavango Delta

The Moremi Game Reserve

The Chobe National Park

The Victoria Falls

When to visit

During the dry season, from June to October.

In these months the Delta is at its utmost splendor and animal sighting is simpler.

Type of trip

Adventure, classic or luxury (depending on the type of accmodation)


Natural Safari


Bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls


Recreational fishing

The trip

A fantastic trip to discover the Northern Botswana, the lush nature of the Okavango Delta, the charm of landscapes along the Chobe River, to end with the magnificence of the Victoria Falls.

The Okavango Delta, and in particular the Moremi Reserve, never disappoints the travelers who go there, the natural safaris in this area give emotions at every corner thanks to the high concentration of animals.

The Okavango Delta is one of the most surprising, sensitive and complex environments in the African continent, one of the few deltas in the world, its quiet waters and mopane forests offer a safe haven for innumerable bird and mammals species.

The Chobe River is the Northern border of the Chobe National Park, and it is famous for the excellence of its safaris that are made both by boat and on land.

The Chobe is a park not to be missed for its numerous elephant herds and the hippos that populate the river, but also because, especially during the dry season, many animal species go to its shores looking for water, including large herds of buffaloes, black antelopes, giraffes; there are also the predators lurking, waiting for the right time to hunt.

The Victoria Falls are a spectacle of nature and have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO; they can be visited both from Zambia and Zimbabwe and, in addition to admiring the spectacular 1,7 km waterfall, you can practice various sports such as rafting and bungee jumping.

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Trip: Incredibile Botswana