Botswana is a Souther African republic that has made conservatism its main "mission".

It is a naturalistic paradise, over 17% of the national territory is destined for natural reserves and national parks, and a project that is being implemented will bring the percentage of protected areas to 20%.

Botswana has no outcrops to the sea and borders South with South Africa, in the past its major trading partnes, now superseded by the United Kingdom, East with Zimbabwe and West and North with Namibia; it also borders with Zambia, even if only for a few hundred meters.

Botswana offers natural scenery of a rare beauty, this area of ​​Southern Africa is a natural paradise that brings millions of dollars into the pockets of the country from tourism.

The country's adopted policy is "a few high-revenue, low-volume" people, for 25 years now the government has established this modus operandi and the results have been seen without any doubt: the entrance fee for parks is increased tenfold, allowing for economic gains but with a much smaller number of tourists, with obvious positive effects on the environment.

The vast territory of Botswana is formed by a plateau rising to 1,000 meters above sea level and is largely occupied, about 70%, by the Kalahari desert.

Despite the scarcity of hydrographic network, Botswana has two major river basins, South runs the Limpopo River that crosses the border with South Africa, while North is the Okavango River, that forms a vast inner delta, the Okavango Delta , that is the country's foremost fauna destination.

Other areas of interest are the Chobe National Park, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Kgalagadi Cross-Country Park; there are many animal species in all parks and in some all the big five, lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos are present.

The strong attention to nature conservation sees Botswana engaged in the front row in the poaching fight, that here is virtually absent, the policy of the Shot-to-kill, or "shoot to kill" is a drastic measure but it seems to work perfectly.

The population of Botswana is almost entirely black, of Tswana ethnicity, but the inhabitants who have always been living in these lands are the San, also known as Bushmen.

The San are the creators of the precious rocks art paintings, the Tsodilo hills, that, besides being a sacred place for the Bushmen, are an example of this admirable art with over 4,000 drawings.

The climate of Botswana is semi-arid and it is characterized by two seasons, the summer season, from November to March, with very high temperatures and abundant rainfall and winter, from May to August, with dry weather with hot days and cold nights.


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