The Kakum National Parkis one of the best known and most accessible destinations in the southern part of Ghana, located less than an hour's drive from the city of Cape Coast.

Thanks to its popularity, the park is often crowded and the advice is to visit it early in the morning.

There are numerous activities that can be carried out inside the Kakum National Park, that is a very well-equipped and organized park.

The Visitor Center of the Kakum National Park has facilities that promote conservation education and seek to spread awareness of the forest heritage of the area.

The exhibition "Hidden Connection" is also very interesting, illustrating and interpreting the complexities that underlie the diversity of the tropical rainforest, the interdependencies between the species and the numerous biological connections that make the rainforest a " life network ".

The exhibition informs the visitor before entering the rainforest, so that he can better observe the views and enjoy the unique scent of the forest environment.

The initiative linked to the Kakum Rainforest Café is very beautiful, it encourages the conservation efforts of the park, supporting local farmers through the purchase of fresh products, while at the same time providing a relaxing place for visitors to enjoy a refined meal and refreshing drinks.

The activities that can be carried out in the Kakum National Park in Ghana

Forest walk

The route allows to admire the typical vegetation of the evergreen rainforest, with tall deciduous trees up to 65 meters high.

By taking the walk through the park the opportunity is to spot a large part of the indigenous plant life of Ghana, as well as many species of birds, butterflies and monkeys.

Birdwatching tour

The Sun Bird Trail has been developed to admire three different ecosystems: the rain forest, the secondary forest and the aquatic environment near a pond.

This route allows visitors to admire numerous species of birds and observe how different ecosystems support different species.

Tour of medicinal plant

The park rangers accompany guests along a path to illustrate the healing properties of the plants they meet, but also to tell about the uses and traditions that link these plants to the local populations.

Walk on the suspended walkway

The Rainforest canopy walkway is the most famous attraction of the park, it is a suspended walkway, made with ropes and wood, that is 40 meters high and allows to admire the forest from a perspective usually reserved for birds and monkeys.

Inaugurated on the 1995 Earth Day, the catwalk was designed by Canadian engineers and was built using materials from the forest, the structure is reminiscent of a traditional rope bridge but was built with the help of strong steel cables.

The walkway is made up of seven sections, or suspended bridges, that connect some sighting platforms positioned around the trunk of seven gigantic trees.

From the top of the trees there is the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of the rainforest and to admire species of flora and fauna impossible to be seen at ground level.

Especially in the early morning there are more chances to see monkeys and colobus, as well as hundreds of species of butterflies and birds.