Useful Information


8 days/7 nights

Trip stops/ Highlight

The Elmina Castle
The Cape Coast Castle
Kumasi and the Ashanti Kingdom

When to visit

All year long, except on the rain season between the end of April and the beginning of June

Type of trip

Cultural classic

Optional Activities

Visit to the cultural center of Accra
Walk over the raised walkways in the Kakum National Park

The trip

The journey begins in Accra the capital of Ghana, a city with a strong growth and strong contrasts.

In Accra there are the famous manufacturers of coffins with the oddest shapes, they create coffins shaped like a plane, a car, a camera or any object that was precious for the deceased.

Always in Accra one is immersed in the atmosphere of the fishermen village of James Town, visiting this area is like crossing a space-time portal and find yourself in a completely different reality: the wooden and colorful boats, used as fishing vessels are pulled aground on the beach, the men sitting on the ground are committed to carefully sew and mend fishing nets, women smoke the fish that is then sold to the market while children play and swim in the ocean.

Not far from the capital one can visit the castles of the slave trade, testimony to the sad period during which millions of free men and women, were captured, sold as slaves and deported to the Americas.

The castles of Elmina and Cape Coast, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and preserve the environment of slave trade and numerous objects exhibited in a museum; the visit is touching and emotional.

Moving to Kumasi, historical and spiritual capital of the Ashanti Kingdom, you have the chance to learn more about the Ashanti ethnic group who based his power and his influence on the possession of several gold mines in the area; gold was so abundant that the coast of Ghana was known as the Gold Coast.

Today Kumasi boasts a fantastic central market, one of the largest markets in Africa, where they sell everything, but above all the royal palace of King Ashanti, a still very important and charismatic figure so much to be invited to United Nations meetings.

In Kumasi you can also see a traditional Ashanti funeral, it is a funeral in all respects but with a very joyful atmosphere, the deceased is considered still present and part of the family; the chiefs, in the shade of large colored sunshades, attend these celebrations surrounded by the whole court, at the rhythm of drums dancers dance with movements rich in gestures and symbolism.


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Trip: Ghana, gold coast