This morning, after visiting the Hawassa fishermen's market,we left toeards Lake Langano, but made a stop at the Abijatta-Shalla National Park; this part of Ethiopia is less traveled by travelers, who usually go from Addis Abeba to Arbaminch, but in our opinion it deserves to be given a few days as it is very relaxing and the nature here is really fascinating.

We arrived at Lake Langano in the early afternoon, our lodge, the Hara Langano Eco Resort, is located directly on the shore of the lake; the landscape is very beautiful and fascinating.

Lake Langano is not far from Addis Abeba, so it has become a weekend destination for those who want to escape the chaos of the capital and enjoy nature, besides the waters of Lake Langano, despite being fresh waters, do not have the bilharzia, so it is also possible to swim or practice water sports.

Langano Lake ethiopia

The predominant plants on the shores of the lake are the acacias that are the ideal habitat for many species of savannah birds, moreover here you can find different species of aquatic birds and, in the Western part of the lake, near a stretch of forest, there are also some species of birds typical of this habitat; this makes Lake Langano one of the favorite destinations for birdwatchers, too.

The central part of the Hara Langano Eco Resort is a huge, very large and relaxing tent, it invites you to sit on one of the sofas, have a drink and enjoy the quiet of this place; here is also the dining room where we will have dinner this evening.

The cottages, on the other hand, are scattered in a wonderful park where there are many animals and where we can't wait to take a ride, while we take the binoculars and the camera we are approached by a guy from the lodge and he tells us “if you want I will accompany you and we do birdwatching ", and we said "why not ".

He proved to be really good and he knew many things, not only about the place, but also about the birds and the mammals we met; he had nothing to envy to a safari guide.

Langano Lake ethiopia

He tells us that in the lake there are hippos, even if at the moment we can't see them, but during the night they come out to graze so we will have to pay attention, that is why after sunset and before dawn the lodge staff escort the guests from their cottage to the central tent and vice versa.

We take a tour of the property and sight both water birds, such as egrets, kingfishers, saddle-billed storks, cormorants, and thick-knees, both species of savannah and forest, such as the silvery-cheecked hornbill, the Hemprick's hornbill, that had just captured the chick of another species to eat it, some owls that are camouflaged to perfection with the trunks of the trees, the bulbuls, the bishops, the weavers and many others.

This tour was very interesting and pleasant but it is not yet finished, we venture into the part of the property farthest from the shore and, on the branches of some large trees, we see the white and black colobus; these monkeys are beautiful and have very long hairs and when they jump they seem to have a cape.

Langano Lake ethiopia colobus

We stay there a while to admire and photograph the colobus and then return to the main tent where we enjoy a bit of relaxation while on the lake we see some fishermen who are fishing.

This is our last night in Ethiopia and we couldn't have been in a better place; tonight we have dinner with Jimmy, it is the last dinner with him, we are a bit sorry to say goodbye because, besides being a very good guide, we had fun with him, he was a fantastic traveling companion.

Langano Lake ethiopia

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Sunday, September 29, 2019