Our trip to the Ivory Coasth as just ended and, as usual, the time has come to draw conclusions, looking at the numbers of this wonderful journey.

The trip lasted for a total of 13 days, including flights, and 12 nights, of which 11 in the Ivory Coast and one spent on the flight on the return journey; it was a traveling trip and one can guess from the fact that we spent the 11 Ivorian nights in 9 different hotels.

In all we have taken 5 flights: 4 international flights by Brussels Airlines, from Milan to Abidjan and back with a stopover in Brussels, 1 domestic flight by the Air Côte d'Ivoire, from Abidjan to Bouake; in total we did 18 hours of flight.

Our trip to the Ivory Coast started and ended in Abidjan; our stops were: Bouake, Korhogo, Kong, Ferkessedougou (or Ferke), Boundiali, Odienne, Manand Yamousoukro and in total we traveled 2,430 km by car and took a flight from Abidjan to Bouake.

We have met 6 different populations or tribes: the Baulè, the Senoufo, the Dan or Yacuba, the caste of the Dozo, who belong to the Malinkè, the Fulani and the Guèrè.
We visited 14 villages: Baulè, Senoufo, Dan or Yacuba, Guèrè and Fulani; we have witnessed 7 tribal dances: the Goly Dance and the Mblo Dance by the Baulè,the Boloy Dance or Dance of the Pantherand the Ngoro Dance or Dance of the Virginsby the Senoufo, the Dance of the Dozo, the Dance of the stilts by the Dan and the Dance of the mask of the Forest by the Guèrè.

Markets visited: too many to be counted, but never enough to take pictures and get to know the local people.

Shopping of handicrafts: as always we came back with a baggage more than on the outward journey, but it was impossible not to buy masks or statues, of wood or bronze, or other material; honestly I would have bought even more than this!

Hours of negotiation for shopping, well infinite but too funny!

Bridges of lianas, rigorously created by the spirit of the forest during the night, crossed: 1 on the Cavally River, in the Western Ivory Coast.

Quadrupedi with whom we shared dinner at the restaurant 3: 2 bushbucks and 1 duiker in Bouaké.

Unknown drinks or beverages we drank: millet beer in a Senoufo village, palm wine at the Guèrè, a carbonated soft drink as if it were CocaCola, a non-alcoholic strawberry beer and a non-alcoholic apple beer.

Tropical fruit eaten: too much! We did not spare pineapples, papayas, mangos and bananas.

Thermal rush between Milan to the Ivory Coast: from 4 degrees to 38 degrees, and vice versa on the way back!

Photographs taken with our Canon cameras, the Panasonic Lumix, the GoPro and our iPhone: 9,412; hours of video shot 4h 47 '.

Happiness for having lived this Ivorian experience: endless!

Data di inserimento: 
Tuesday, March 5, 2019