The Zambezi National Park is located in Zimbabwe, close to the Victoria Falls and is developed along the Zambia River upstream of the waterfalls; along with the Victoria National Park, from which was separated in 1979, it covers an area of 560 sq. Km.

The park is divided into two areas from the road that crosses it and leads to Kazungula; the first area is located on the shore of the Zambezi River, while the second, Chamabonda Vlei, is located more inside.

The easiest access to the Zambezi National Park is through the Zambezi River Game Drive, an extensive network of roads that develop along the Zambezi River.

Along the river, in the shade of mahogany trees, there are several points, about 25, where visitors can stop for picnics or for fishing. There are 89 species of fish in the upper part of the Zambezi River; it is also possible to take a canoe trip in the waters of the Zambezi River.

As far as photographic safaris are concerned, you have the best viewing possibilities near the Chindu and Sansimba circuits, where elephants, buffalos, water antelopes, hippos and crocodiles often find themselves; even though those who visit the park do so especially for bird watching, river landscapes and for a day out in the nature.

While the Chamabondo Game Drive, 25 km long, leads visitors to the wildest part of the park away far from the river; this trail begins 5 km from the Victoria Falls town along the Bulawayo Road.

Along this route you have the best sighting opportunities in the area of the Chamabonda Vlei and at the lookouts of Kaliankua and Njako.

You can visit the park in half a day or, at most, on a full day; usually the roads in the park are in good conditions, but during the rainy season it's always better to check their status.