The Victoria Falls, also known as Vic Falls, are located along the Zambezi River, that is a political and geographic boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia, in Southern Africa.

In the local language the waterfalls are called Mosi-oa-Tunya, that means "the smoke that thunders", this name very well represents the uproar of the mass of water diving into the rocky gorge and the cloud of drops of water that rises as a consequence; they are spectacular, they leave breathless those who visit and they are the waterfalls with the world's longest forehead.

After a fall of over 100 meters, the water of the Zambezi River crashes into a series of narrow rocky gorges and then continues its path to the ocean.

The Zambezi River is the fourth river in Africa and crosses six different countries; it begins its journey in the North-Western part of Zambia and, after some 2,700km, it flows into the Indian Ocean.

The Zambezi's water capacity varies according to seasonal alternation and this affects the appearance of the Victoria Falls: at the end of the rainy season their reach is at its maximum, while at the end of the dry season the waterfalls are made up of a few gutters of water.

Zimbabwe is home to the Victoria Falls National Park and the Zambezi National Park, while in Zambia there is the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park; these parks protect the area near the waterfalls and along the Zambezi River; both in Zambia and in Zimbabwe there is a path to access some scenic spots where you can admire the wall of water that falls into the rocky gorge.

There are many activities that can be done near the waterfalls: trekking, bungee jumping, zip-line, cruise on the Zambezi River, rafting and other extreme sports; it is also possible, in periods when there is less water in the river, to go to the edge of the waterfalls, near the Livingstone Island, and bathe in the Devil’s Pool; photographic safari are also possible, especially in the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe, where many species of animals, including lions, leopards, hyenas, various antelopes, hippos, Nile crocodiles and up to 400 species of birds, can be seen.

It is possible, both in Livingstone in Zambia and at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, to take a helicopter panoramic flight to see the Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls and the Rocky Gorges from above; an indescribable show at any time of the year.

Near the waterfalls there is a small portion of rainforest that survives just because of the cloud of drops of water rising from the falls; while along the Zambezi River there is a river forest with palm trees, fig trees and mahogany trees.

The Victoria Falls began to be an attraction after the iron rail bridge was built by Cecil Rhodes; his project to link Cairo to Cape Town was never realized but the waterfalls became more accessible both from today's South Africa and from the at the time Belgian Congo.