Victoria Falls there are many activities available to visitors, in particular it is a must for those who love adventurous and extreme sports; but there are also activities at the reach of everyone.

Both on the Zambia and Zimbabwean side there is a path leading to several scenic spots on the side and facing the falls, from here you can admire the Victoria Falls in all their power and beauty.

Depending on the time of the year and the fullness of the Zambezi River, this route offers different sceneries: during the dry season waterfalls have much less water and in October and November they are reduced to a few water rigs, but this allows you to see the inside of the throat; while during the rainy season, especially in March and April, the river is full and the waterfalls show all their power, but during this time, besides not being able to see inside the throat, it is necessary to wear waterproof garments and protect your camera from splashes of water coming from the waterfalls and creating a high cloud up to 400 meters.

On moonlit nights, it is possible to see the lunar rainbow, that is formed by the steam of the falls and the reflected light of the moon, an almost unique event.

It is possible to make a cruise along the Zambezi River during the day or at sunset; a Victorian-style boat glides silently on the calm waters before they fall into the waterfall, you can spot the animals on the countless islands in this part of the river.

Along the course of the Zambezi River you can enjoy fishing, either by the shore or by using a boat.

It is possible to take part in a photo safari to observe animals, the Victoria Falls Private Reserve and the Zambia National Park in Zimbabwe host lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, rhinos, various species of antelope and many species of birds; alternatively you can take a canoe safari along the banks of the Zambezi River to admire the birds.

In the Zambesi National Park you can take part in a horseback ride along the Zambezi River bank.

To live a unique experience and to have a different view, you can take a panoramic flight over the Victoria Falls and the underlying gorges; the best way is to take a helicopter from the Livingstone or Victoria Falls heliport, it's an indescribable emotion and the scenery is breathtaking; alternatively, but only for the adventurous, you can fly over the waterfalls on a micro-light plane.

In gorges at the base of the falls, where the Zambezi River forms rapids, you can make a series of water sports such as rafting, whitewater rafting, kayaking, river boarding, hydrospeeding in the second throat, right below the Victoria Falls Bridge, you can also swim, but you need to be accompanied by a guide.

At the end of the dry season, when there is not much water in the waterfall, usually from August to January, it is possible to go on a boat to the Island of Livingstone and from here, after a short walk on the rocks, to the Devil's Pool, a natural swimming pool overhanging the falls; only for the bravest ones who do not suffer from dizziness but it is definitely an exciting and unmatched activity.

Always during the dry season you can go down the first gorge, on the Zimbabwe side, and make a small trek at the base of the cascade in the gorge with rocky walls over 100 meters high.

It is also possible to make an abseiling descent alongside the waterfall walls, a spectacular descent offering a unique perspective.

For extreme sports enthusiasts, bungee jumping is also possible from the Victoria Falls Bridge, throwing inside the throat, a 120-meter jump from the bridge; alternatively you can cross the second throat, from one side to the other, with the zip-line; or perform a gorge swing on the gorge below.

Activities are so many and every visitor can find what he or she likes, or simply relax in the pool and sunbathe.