TransAfrica is an evocative expedition, a journey devoted to the exploration of deserts, lagoons and forests in West Africa, that crosses five different states, but combined with a wild fascination and boundless horizons.
To make our crossing, we mainly use a 4x4 SUV but, for short stretches, we use "alternative" means simple carriages towed by donkeys, colorful minibuses, legendary taxi de brousse, collective taxis that connect different cities or countries; most often the cars in question are extremely old Peugeot with millions of miles.
Using these means gives the opportunity to know better the daily lives of people who live in these lands and learn more about their way of living.
TransAfrica expedition is a journey that crosses different scenarios and, if carried out from North to South, starts from the arid Sahara desert and ends in the lush equatorial forest.
The expedition is studied to be carried out twice a year, and follows the migration of Paleartic birds that fly Southward in search of mild temperatures, while in spring they return to their countries of origin in old Europe and Russia.
In addition to landscapes, the journey is a discovery of populations, legends and myths who know how to capture and engage those who want to make us company on this adventurous journey.
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Senegal - Photo Credits: Alberto Nicheli