The Trans-African trips evokes great adventures, epic explorations to find the sources of the Nile, merchant caravans braving the sandy expanses of the Sahara desert, ancient kingdoms and colonial empires, and, of course, the great expanses of savannah populated by the iconic animals of the Africa.

Our Trans-African departs from Cape Town in South Africa to reach Cairo in Egypt, after 122 days of travel; crossing the continent from south to north and visiting 12 countries.

Our Trans-African partly follows the itinerary of what should have been a colossal railway project: connecting all the British possessions in South and East Africa; Much of this project has remained on paper, but over the decades it has become the itinerary of an epic adventure that has prompted some adventurers to make a memorable journey.

We have made some changes and detours, we have left out those stages that, at the time of the railway project, were reference points for trade and business, and we have replaced them with some unmissable destinations both from a naturalistic and cultural point of view.

The journey across the African continent is divided into five stages, so it is possible to participate in the entire expedition or only in one or more stages, in this way everyone will have the opportunity to experience this adventure with us; this is an adventure that will not only be a journey but also an opportunity to help local populations thanks to a mobile clinic that will follow us and that will offer medical care and visits to those who do not have the opportunity to reach a hospital.

We will also visit and spend the night in structures that are dedicated to the protection of nature and animals finally, we will have the opportunity to help support some local organizations that help young people with sport and study or that support single women or single mothers teaching them a job and offering them a salary.

Our Trans-African wants to be a journey to discover a continent with a thousand facets:

• the unspoiled landscapes and sunsets that Africa can offer,
• wild nature populated by many species of mammals and birds,
• the numerous tribal groups that still practice ancient rituals, ceremonies and live following unique and unchanged traditions for centuries,
• the architectural masterpieces of ancient civilizations that still shine today and give their builders immortality

A long journey, rich in scents, flavors and smiles of peoples who will show us great hospitality and who will make us feel at home away from home, a journey across the African continent that has a very strong ancestral appeal on all of us and that leaves a mark indelible in the mind and heart of those who visit it. 

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