Botswana is a wonderful country from a naturalistic point of view, here there are different habitats and immense national parks and nature reserves that protect them; on a trip to Botswana you can combine spectacular safaris with desert, almost lunar landscapes.

Our journey takes us through the entire Botswana from South to North and back, an exciting and unique adventure.

In reality we start from Johannesburg, so the first stages of the journey take place in the North of South Africa and then cross the border and venture into Botswana.

South Africa is a country famous for its nature reserves and parks that protect a large number of animals, the Kruger is the most famous national park and, sometimes unfortunately, the only park known by the majority of travelers; in reality in South Africa there are many other parks that are equally beautiful and rich in biodiversity.

The Pilanesberg National Park is the fourth largest park in South Africa and is very interesting both from a geological point of view, as it was formed following the emergence, millions of years ago, of lava towards the earth's surface, lava that has solidified before coimng outside, moreover, over the millennia, the surface has eroded and the rocks of volcanic origin have surfaced; and for the fact that it is located in the transition zone between the arid Kalahari and the Lowveld, an area very rich from an ecological point of view.

At the Pilanesberg National Park you can observe numerous species of animals including all the Big5, as well as cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, hippos and more than 360 species of birds.

Not far from the Pilanesberg, further North, along the road that leads to Botswana, is the Marakele National Park, an area protected by a very varied landscape and with a high biodiversity that guarantees the presence of numerous species of flora and fauna.

Botswana is the ideal destination for those who want to experience adventure and enjoy some of the most beautiful safaris on the continent.

It is the country famous for its incredible national parks and reserves, here is the Chobe National Park with the incredible areas of Savuti, Linyanti and the Chobe Riverfront, a protected area that is characterized by the presence of large herds of elephants and mighty coalitions of lions that dominate the area of ​​Savuti in particular.

The Okavango Delta with the incredible Moremi Game Reserve and Chief Island offer excellent chances of spotting the wild dogsand the elusive leopard; moreover a boat safari among the channels of the Okavango Delta is a fascinating experience.

Further South there are the large salty expanses of the Makgadikgadi Pans Complex and the wild and boundless Central Kalahari Game Reserve with its sandy tracks and incredible sunsets.

The Complex of the Makgadikgadi Pans is a surreal territory with infinite blinding white saline expanses, surrounded by sections of savannah dominated by imposing baobabs.
A trip in contact with nature in remote areas where digital detox is guaranteed, there is nothing left to do but leave.


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Savuti: Elephants - Photo Credits: Romina Facchi