In June all the protagonists of the Great Migration have reached Kirawira and the wildebeests and zebras are massed along the Southern bank of the river Grumeti, all reluctant to be the first to cross the river.
This crossing is the first major hurdle the Great Migration encounters along the way. Many do not manage to reach the other bank of the river.
The river Grumeti is little more than a stream at this time of the year, but the voracious Nile crocodiles have lived in these waters for months waiting impatiently the time of the crossing of herds.
The overcrowding on the South bank of the river and the surrounding spaces, that become increasingly narrow, make it inevitable for the animals to cross it and reach the pastures of the Ruwana plains.
The last herds that come to the river often do not cross as there is almost no one left there and, instead of continuing their journey, they remain in the Mbalageti and Ndabaka plains in the other months. 

Where is possible to spot the herds of Great Migration in June

River Grumeti: along its banks you can spot numerous animals: wildebeests and zebras gather on the Southern banks reluctantly waiting their turn, while those who reach the Northern bank will continue their journey in the plains of the Western Corridor. 

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