Wagakuria is a remote enchanting grassy plain that is considerably different from the heavy woods enveloping the rest of the North Serengeti; it lies just South of the Kogatende Ranger Post.
It is an enchanting open plain dotted with granite kopjes and unique broad-leafed trees, that are a rarity in an area where trees have small or very small leaves, often compound, as in the case of acacia trees, widely present in the park.
It is precisely the type of vegetation that grows here, that makes the North Serengeti area one with the highest concentration of cheetahs; while the surrounding broad-leafed woodlands are home to numerous oribis; this species is found only here in the Serengeti National Park and in a few other places in Tanzania.
The focal point of this region is the Wagakuria kopjes providing shelter to old male buffalos and the surefooted klipspringer.
Several water springs feed this area and ensure life to many animal species, including lions, steenboks, ostriches, elands, Thomson’s gazelles elephants and giraffes. 

The areas of Northern Serengeti

  • Lobo Valley
  • Upper Grumeti Woodlands
  • Mara River
  • Kogatenge Ranger Post
  • Lamai Triangle
  • Wogakuria
  • Bologonja Springs