In the Lake Manyara National Parkin Tanzania there are different habitats and, as a consequence of this fact, in the park there are different species of birds; about 400 species have been observed, a high number if one thinks of the reduced area of ​​the park: 580 sq. km with more than 200 sq. km of alkaline lake.

There are many species that can be spotted on a safari day: bee-eaters, barbets, kingfishers, rollers, hornbills, ground hornbills , pelicans, flamingos, storks, herons and many other waterfowl; 51 species of diurnal birds of prey have been sighted, including 28 resident in the park, and 6 species of owls.

Depending on the season and areas of the park, sightings are different; in the months from the end of October to August in the lake there are flamingos that, during the month of August, migrate to the Natron Lake, where they stay to nest and return to the Manyara Lake in October; while from February to June flocks of pelicans and yellow-billed storks are observed.

During the green season, in the months from November to March, in the park there are also many species that migrate here from the Northern hemisphere.

The recent annexation of the Marang Forest Reserve contributed to extending the forested park area, and with it included several species of birds typical of this habitat, and similar to those found in the highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Below are some species of birds that can be seen in the Manyara Lake National Park:

greater flamingo

lesser flamingo

white pelican

pink-backed pelican

marabou stork

yellow-billed stork

white stork

Abdim’s stork

black stork

open-billed stork

saddle-billed stork

great cormorant

long-tailed cormorant

grey-headed heron

african darter

little bittern

dwarf bittern

black-crowned heron

cattle egret

common squacco heron

little egret

black heron

great egret

black-headed heron

goliath heron

purple heron

African spoonbill

sacred ibis

glossy ibis

egyptian goose

spur-winged goose

hottentot teal

Southern pochard

African jacana

pied avocet

little stint

black-winged stilt


pied kingfisher

grey-headed kingfisher

malachite kingfisher

little bee-eater

white-throated bee-eater

silvery-cheeked hornbill

African grey hornbill

Von der Decken’s hornbill

Southern ground hornbill

grey crowned crane

Fischer’s lovebird

red-and-yellow barbet

d’Arnaud’s barbet

red-collared widowbird

Baglafecht weaver

spectacled weaver

black-headed weaver

Southern red bishop

black bishop

Verreaux eagle

African crowned eagle

matial eagle


bat hawk

Egyptian vulture

Ruppell’s griffon vulture

African hawk-eagle

African fish eagle

augur buzzard

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