The constant search for food and water by nearly 2 millions herbivorous drives these animals to be always on the move within the Serengeti ecosystem, along a loop on which they move by stages in a clockwise direction.
In this strenuous yet inevitable journey, the animals stop according to specific events of their life, as the mating and the birth season, or when facing particularly difficult events, such as the crossing of the Grumeti River or the Mara River, the transit in the Northern pastures or the long marches to the South, each characterised by a series of obstacles to overcome. 
The Great Migration is one of the most fascinating events in nature: nearly 2 millions herbivorous, mainly wildebeests and zebras, set off on a 800 kms journey on a circular trail through the Serengeti Ecosystem.
The constant search of water and new pastures drives these animals to march, heedless of the dangers: predators ambushing them along the way, rushing rivers infested with crocodiles, forced march for kilometres.
Their journey starts from the Southern Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, from here they head West where they cross the Grumeti River, then head North to the Serengeti and Masai Mara plains, where they encounter the great and powerful Mara River, pass through the Central Serengeti plains and finally return to the starting point.
In their movements, the animals follow their instinct and it seems that they are able perceive the rain and the lightning from far a distance, this guides them in their search for green pastures.
The timing of the Great Migration are also marked by the events of life for wildebeests and zebras, as well as the alternation of dry and rainy seasons.

How to understand the position of the Great Migration in Serengeti Ecosystem

  • The Great Migration month by month
  • The Great Migration with the alternation of the seasons
  • The Great Migration based on the lifecycle of the wildebeests and zebras

The position by journey stages is characterised by the following events

  • The birth and weaning of puppies
  • The start of the journey
  • The mating season
  • The crossing of the Grumeti River and the Mara River
  • The growth of puppies and new pregnancies
  • The return to the Southern pastures

Great Migration through Serengeti National Park Map - Illustration Credits: Marco Dal Molin -