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15 days / 14 nights

Trips / Highlights

Diego Suarez

Mountains of Ambre National Park

Tsingy Rouge

Ankarana National Park 

Nosy Be

The Lokobe reserve

Nosy Iranja

Nosy Sakatia

When to go

From April to the end of November the sky is clear and the sun shines, in December the first rains could start.

Type of trip

Adventure, classic


Nature safaris




The trip

Madagascar is a very interesting country, it is famous for the beauty of its landscapes, for its incredible flora and fauna; it has great biodiversity and many species are native, since the island separated from the African continent millions of years ago.

About 95% of the animal species are endemic and this means that here there is a unique fauna system of great naturalistic importance.

The trip to Madagascar begins from Diego Suarez, that with its three bays, one can walk along these bays to discover the fauna and flora of the place, here the crystal clear sea is a unique show.

One then continues with the first Madagascar National Park, the Montagne d'Ambre.

Created in 1958, this park is located in the heart of a volcanic region.

Rightly considered a biological treasure, it offers protection to a magnificent virgin tropical forest, where a rich and complex nature thrives.

This park is populated by various endemic species of birds and the smallest chameleon in the world, that measures only 5 centimeters, obviously there are also the lemurs and the predator pit.

The Tsingy Rouge, in the local language "tsingy" means "needles", are particular rocky conformations of limestone present in different reserves of the country but here the red color distinguishes them from the rest of the country; this is one of the most impressive sites in the Northern region of Madagascar.

Then we explore the Ankarana National Park, the attraction of this park are the sharp pinnacles and caves, here also live 11 species of lemurs.

One then moves to Nosy Be, here the long white sand beaches, edged by splendid palm trees throwing themselves into a crystalline sea constitute that paradise that everyone imagines when they think of Madagascar.

At Nosy Be we will visit the Lokobe Reserve, this is the last primary forest of Nosy Be that, with its many varieties of medicinal and endemic plants of Madagascar and its millennial trees, constitutes a protected and incredibly beautiful place.

Other excursions that will take place will be to Nosy Iranja, also known as the turtle island, and to Nosy Sakatia, the island of orchids.

There will also be time available for well-deserved relaxation.

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Trip: North Madagascar and Nosy Be