Zimbabwe is located in Southern Africa where there are two seasons: winter, from May to October, characterized by average temperatures and lack of rain and summer, in the months from November to April, with high temperatures and rainfalls.
The best time to visit the country is in the months from March to November.
In the months from March to May, temperatures range between 25 and 35 degrees and Zimbabwe looks green and lush, the rainy season has just ended so the water rushed in abundance, filled the lakes and rivers.
In these months, the landscapes are lush and the views breathtaking; spotting animals is thrilling and exciting, especially thanks to the vegetation that, if on one hand makes it more difficult to see them, on the other hand creates a unique and suggestive frame.
The Victoria Falls are starting to have a good flow of water since the beginning of March, and in this period, they express all their power.
In the months from June to August, at the heart of the dry season, temperatures range from 15 to 20 degrees during the day, and stand at around 6 degrees at night; seasonal rivers and lakes are starting to dry up and the vegetation appears to be less luxuriant, this makes it easier spotting animals and the Victoria Falls are at their height of water flow, that in August begins to decline.
The country is experiencing the peak of the tourist season because many South Africans and Europeans visit Zimbabwe right in these months.
The months from September to November coincide with the end of the dry season, temperatures rise, during daytime ranging from 35 to 45 degrees, while the vegetation is always dry; the landscapes are dry and seasonal rivers and lakes have already dried up completely.
The animals gather around the pools or the few permanent rivers or lakes where there is still water, this greatly facilitates the sightings since it is sufficient to go near these places.
The Victoria Falls lose their power because the flow is reduced to the minimum, but this allows to see the entire gorge cut into the rock over thousands of years by the Zambezi River.
The months from December to February are the wettest months, many roads are impassable even by 4x4 vehicles, different areas of the national parks are closed to visitors because unattainable; it is not recommended to travel to the country in these months because, in addition to the difficulty of movement it is unlikely to spot animals.
These are the perfect months for birdwatching because, in addition to resident birds there are migratory species that come this far from the Northern hemisphere.