In the Kaokoland area, about 200 km North of the town of Opuwo, on the border with Angola, flows the Kunene river, that gives origin to the beautiful Epupa Falls.
The river plunges into a series of 60 m. high waterfalls, surrounded by a fantastic and unspoiled environment; the rock walls that surround the waterfalls, the majestic baobab trees, the wild figs and the Makalani palm trees create a breathtaking landscape.
Epupa means “water falling” in Himba language, the population that still lives in these lands and maintains its own traditions and lifestyle.
The Epupa Falls are quite easy to get to from Opuwo, it’s still recommended to use a 4x4; the path is fascinating and spectacular, you can travel through an environment largely untouched, where you can encounter Himba isolated villages, flocks or herds of livestock, but also some wild animals that live in this remote area.
The best time to visit the Epupa Falls is immediately after the rainy season, when the river flow is at its maximum, but they are fascinating even during the driest months, such as from July to September, when the water flow is sufficient to create a unique spectacle.
The Kunene river offers many activities including birdwatching, that gives emotions to lovers, in this area are recorded 240 species of birds including bee-eaters, kingfishers, fish eagles, hornbills, flycatchers, weavers and herons.
Birdwatching excursions can be made on foot or by boat.
A walk on the edge of the Epupa Falls offers excellent opportunities to photograph and to observe the Himba washing clothes or bathing in the river waters; you can also have the opportunity to observe a variety of plants and bushes such as Euphorbia, a succulent plant which contains a toxic latex, used for hunting by the Himba tribes.
Don't miss a visit to a Himba village to learn about their traditional way of life and to discover some of their typical activities, such as the practice with to protect their skin with a mix of animal butter and red ocher.