The Turkana inhabit one of the most arid regions in Northern Kenya, here water is a precious and very rare asset; in an arid place like the Turkana’s territory, breeding is the main source of livelihood, as it is almost impossible to practice farming.
The proud Turkana warriors keep alive their secular traditions and still practice passage rites, always accompanied by ceremonies and parties.
The Turkana have a passion for jewelry made of colored stones, they represent a status symbol and the necklaces they wear can weigh up to 10 kg!

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young man of turkana people kenya

Turkana people - Photo Credits: Ruro Photography

turkana women in kenya

Turkana women - Photo Credits: Tom Albinson

turkana people at the sunset

Turkana people - Photo Credits: Filiberto Strazzari

turkana old man in kenya

Turkana old man - Photo Credits: European Commission

turkana woman with lots of earrings

Turkana earrings - Photo Credits: Njambi Ndiba

turkana women with wonderful colored necklaces kenya

Turkana jewelry - Photo Credits: European Commission