The Samburu are a population living in Kenya and easily recognizable by the amount of jewelry made of colored beads with which both men and women adorn their clothing.
The Samburu share with the Maasai some traditions and lifestyles: cattle is the center of their economy and determines the wealth of a person.
The Samburu have a wealth of rites and beliefs; within the villages there are important figures such as the fortune-teller and the healer, who with their ritual practices help people.

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samburu people kenya, young women with colorful necklace

Somber people - Photo Credits: Patrick Meier

samburu women with wonderful coloured clothing

Samburu women - Photo Credits: Davida De La Harpe

samburu people in kenya with donkey

Samburu people - Photo Credits: Gordontour

samburu people in kenya:young warrior

Samburu warrior - Photo Credits: Alan Jones

samburu people in kenya, old woman

Samburu woman - Photo Credits: Africa Progress

Samburu village in Kenya

Samburu village - Photo Credits: Afta Buzzaman