White rhinos and black rhinos differ from one another by numerous physical characteristics, by the habitat in which they live and by their behavior.

The most obvious behavioral characteristic concerns aggression.

The black rhino in fact has the reputation of being more aggressive and curious than the white rhino, that is normally a bit quieter.

The habitat in which rhinos live has an influence on their different aggressiveness: the white rhino, that usually lives in prairie and open spaces, is able to perceive a danger at a greater distance; the black rhino instead lives in wooded areas, the vegetation prevents it from perceiving a danger with a wide margin, but only when it approaches; this makes the animal react aggressively to defend itself.

There is another factor to consider, the black rhino often lives alone, while the white rhinos join in small groups, and it is known that "unity is strength".

If a black rhino catches a threat, it turns its body holding its head high, trying to identify the danger and its position; the white rhino keeps the head low and prefers to rotate only the ears to analyze and identify the dangers.

Although the rhino is a huge animal, and many predators fail to capture it, it usually prefers to escape because of its mediocre sight; in particular the white rhino that has a placid character.

That said, rhinos are nevertheless potentially dangerous animals and should not be underestimated; it is always necessary to leave a certain distance between us and them because, if they feel threatened and trapped, they could always react by attacking.

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