leopard comics

Leopards are among the most elegant and beautiful animals of the African savannah, their spotted fur and proud bearing gives them a royal look and their fluid and supple movements hide the power of these incredible cats.

Leopards have incredible strength for their size and are amazing: they are powerful, they are agile, they are fast, they are skilled swimmers, they climb trees very easily and, as if that were not enough, they have an extremely acute hearing and sight.

The leopard is able to run at about 65 km per hour, even if for short stretches, moreover it manages to jump almost 9 meters in length and more than 3 meters in height, not to mention when it comes down from the trees making leaps also of 10 meters, in short, it is a real athlete.

These beautiful cats have strong legs, perfect for speed, but it is not only their speed to make a leopard strong, their muscular body allows them to knock down an animal 12 times heavier than their weight and the massive neck allows them to carry a prey much heavier than their body, finally their long tails help them to keep their balance.

Despite the great power they are endowed with, leopards are still very stealthy predators, quickly and silently approaching their prey, avoiding as much as possible to attract the attention of their predators, or competitors, such as lions, wild dogs and hyenas.

Despite being the smallest of the "big cats" the relationship between weight and power sees them positioned in the first place, they are also the cats with the most extensive range and those that can adapt better to the environmental conditions.

Like many cats, including domestic cats, leopards can appear a little crazy sometimes and make gestures that seem absurd; for example, there is a photographic sequence that illustrates a hunting of a leopard to an impala: the leopard was among the branches of a tree about 9 meters above the ground, the unaware impala was eating right there, the worst choice of its life and also the last, the leopard jumped from the branch directly on the impala with a jump of 9 meters!

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