In the animal world we often witness epic battles and, that between lions and buffaloes, is certainly one of the most exciting.

Lions and buffaloes are ancestral enemies, since the buffalo has always been the most sought-after prey by the lions, because, with a specimen, they can also feed the most numerous herds.

But buffalo hunting is not so simple for lions; the buffalo, in fact, has an impressive size and its large curved horns inspire a certain fear, the force that it emanates when attacking is incredible, moreover it is a very brave animal.

The buffaloes herd also defends its members, so if a specimen is attacked by one or more predators, the buffaloes react and go to counterattack, and it is not uncommon to see the lions being driven away by these large herbivores.

This is the reason why the lions, usually, look for an isolated member of the group, or try to isolate it, creating diversified actions in order to trigger the panic in the herd and a disorderly escape, that opens the group allowing a better attack.

Even when they can find an isolated buffalo, the success of the hunt is not guaranteed, and often the battle lasts a long time, sometimes hours.

The lions jump on the back of the buffalo to get it tired and in the meantime trying to make it stumble, biting its hind legs, sometimes they are lucky and manage to sever the tendons of the prey preventing it from escaping.

But this is almost always not enough, the buffalo has a huge power and could carry the lions on the back until it reaches the herd and gets to safety, a sort of rodeo with lions in the role of cow boys.

The lions kill their prey by suffocation or strangulation, to do this they have two actions they can do: take the victim by the neck and cut the carotid artery, or close its nose with the jaws to suffocate it.

That said it sounds simple but try to put yourself in front of an angry buffalo and try to catch it by the throat! It is not something for everyone and only the most expert lionesses have the courage and the timing to carry out such an undertaking.

If a male lion participates in the hunt, this often succeeds, with its weight, to unbalance the buffalo and drop it, once on the ground things are a little simpler for the herd of lions.

The statistics say that the lions are disadvantaged in the fight against the buffaloes and that only a hunt out of 7 is successful.

Which side are you on? Buffaloes or lions?

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