The climate in Botswana in January and February

Usually the months of January and February are the rainy months in Botswana.

The rains mostly consist of torrential rain and thunderstorms that occur mostly in the late afternoon, during the rest of the day the sky is often clear and the temperature reaches 40 ° C; while when the sky is cloudy, the temperature varies from 20 ° to 30 ° C.

Humidity varies throughout the day, usually from 50% to 80%.

The climate in Botswana in March

In March the rains begin to decrease, the sky in the morning and early afternoon is almost always clear, while in the late afternoon it is often cloudy and sometimes there are thunderstorms.

Night temperatures are mild, around 18 ° C, although rarely it can happen to reach 10 ° C.

The climate in Botswana in April and May

April and May are two pleasant months; in April you can experience sporadic thunderstorms in the afternoon, while in May the rains are only a remembrance.

Daytime temperatures range around 33 ° C, while at night they range from 10 ° C to 15 ° C; only in the Central Kalahari night temperatures are lower and can sometimes reach 0 ° C.

The climate in Botswana in June and July

June and July are the coldest and sunny months; usually daytime temperatures do not exceed 25 ° C, although sometimes they can reach 30 ° C; as soon as the sun sets, the temperature falls, the average night temperature is 6 ° C, but it can often go under zero, especially in the harshest areas of the Kalahari.

The climate in Botswana in August

August is a dry, sunny and cold month, though, as compared to June and July, night temperatures are slightly higher, hardly falling below zero, while during daytime the average temperature is 30 ° C.

The climate in Botswana in September and October

The months of September and October are the heart of the dry season, daytime temperatures rise steadily, as well as night-time temperatures ranging from 10 ° C to 20 ° C.
The humidity remains low and ranges between 20% and 40%, with the exception of the Okavango Delta area where, due to the high temperatures, in October, there is a strong evaporation and there is a high rate of humidity.

The climate in Botswana in November

November is the month with the most unpredictable weather, often an as hot and dry month as October, otherwise the moisture level begins to rise and clouds are formed in the sky, especially in the afternoon; clouds are responsible for lowering the temperature and sometimes causing short rains.

The climate in Botswana in December

In December temperatures range between 20 ° and 30 ° C, both day and night, although sometimes during the day they can reach 40 ° C; the rains increase and become more regular in the afternoon and the humidity rate rises to 50% -60%.


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