We are in the Ivory Coast, this morning we were in Abidjan, but then we took a flight to go to Bouake.

We left Abidjan's domestic flights terminal with a propeller plane and headed North, our flight to Bouake is not direct but makes an intermediate stop at Korhogo, that is further North than Bouake; after Bouake we will go right to Korhogo, but by land.

As soon as we leave the city of Abidjan from the window we see only vegetation and some small cluster of houses and some huts; this is the Africa we like.

We are a bit sleepy and, in the first hour of flight, up to Korhogo, we doze off a bit; we land and we stand still just enough time to get off and pick up passengers and unload their suitcases, after that we leave again.

After another 45 minutes of flight we finally arrive at Bouakè, it's about 2.30pm.

Here in Bouake, the climate has changed a lot: the humidity of Abidjan, typical of the coast, is no longer there, it is always hot but dry, thanks to the harmattan, the dry wind blowing South during this period from the Sahara Desert.

We get off the plane and, strictly on foot, as in most of the African airports, we go to the terminal and wait for our suitcases that arrive shortly after on a pushed cart; it will also be an artisanal but fully functional and efficient method.

We leave the airport and get on the car that was waiting for us; first we go to the hotel to check in and leave our luggage, then we will go out for a ride.

The hotel is called Mon Afrik and is very nice and cared, too bad that we will stay here only one night because it also has a beautiful garden and a pool that inspire relaxation, for a moment we are tempted to stop here and not go out, but then our desire for exploration takes over.

However, we take a ride in the garden and see some bushbucks and a duiker living here, well they have chosen a nice house; at the restaurant there is also a door reserved for them to be able to come and go as they please, it is very nice that they are here!

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