This morning we woke up very early and we went to the airport: we fly to the Ivory Coast!

We chose Brussels Airlines, it's the first time we fly by this company; we chose it because it is a partner of Miles & More, because it has good times, but also because we have found a super offer for the business class.

At 6.20am we board from Milan Linate, when we take off we enjoy the view of our city from the window of the plane; with the warm colors of dawn Milan is really beautiful!

The flight to Brussels lasts 1 hour and a quarter, we fly over the snow-covered Alps and, in a short time we arrive, in the meanwhile they serve a small breakfast.

We land in Brussels, we do not know the airport because when we visited the city we were driving around; but we do not really want to explore it.

We are a bit sleepy, so we check from which terminal our flight will leave, we pass the passport control and then go to the lounge; it absolutely takes another coffee!

We leave from the "African" terminal, from this terminal in fact only the flights that go to Africa depart and this is understood even when looking at other passengers waiting for their flight; how nice it seems to have already arrived in our beloved Africa!

We board and take off at 11.25am in perfect time, after drinking excellent champagne; the business class of Brussels is really comfortable and the staff is very kind, it's just another way of travelling compared to the economy class.

When we arrive at altitude they serve lunch and decidedly the menu really surprised us: appetizer with lobster and main course with pheasant breast and risotto and finally chocolate mousse; a really inviting menu.

It is the business class where we have eaten better so far, even the wine cellar is not bad at all; we had never flown by Brussels Airlines, but from now on we will definitely consider it when we choose a flight.

At one point we see from the map that we are flying over Algeria, we look out of the window and see a spectacle of nature: the Sahara Desert!

We had never seen it before, except for the Egyptian side, that we saw when we went to Cairo; for the rest, in all our African travels, either we fly at night or the routes are different.

The Sahara Desert is immense, boundless and has an impossible charm to describe, even from 11,000 meters height; you can clearly see the rocky plateaus and the sand dunes, sooner or later we will have to go to Algeria, too.

The flight lasts a total of 6 hours and 20 minutes and the hours fly between a film and a chat.

Before arriving at Abidjan, we stop at Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso; many passengers go down here and someone, a few actually, get up to continue the journey with us.

We are stopping just over an hour and then take off, from here Abidjan is close, only an hour and a half flight.

We land in perfect time at the airport of Abidjan, the plane is attached to the finger, but when we descend we are overwhelmed by a wave of hot heat; we wonder how it will ever be once outside the airport, but we knew very well that on the coast of the Ivory Coast the climate is like this.

Finally our journey to this beautiful African country can begin; we are excited and we cannot wait to discover its wonders!

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