Finally here we are, today we leave to the Ivory Coast!

We have been waiting for this moment for months and it has finally arrived!

In Milan it's cold and the thought of taking a break and going to our warm and beloved Africa makes us very happy.

This morning we fly from Linate very early, around 7.00am, so we have to leave the house at 4.00am; we would not be able to wake up so early for anything in the world, except to take a flight, if it then takes us to our beloved Africa, we are happy with this early morning wake-up call.

We take a taxi, it is really cold and there is also a bit of mist, we hope that in Linate is not like that as well, we would not want to leave late and lose the connection; we fly by Brussels Airlines and we stop in Brussels, where we have more than three hours in transit, so in reality we can stay calm.

We arrive at Linate and go to the desk for Brussels; even if we checked in yesterday evening, on the Brussels application, we have to send the suitcases and then pass the checks.

It is 5.00am and at this time there are few people at the airport, today is Saturday and Linate airport is much busier during the week, while at weekends, especially in winter, there are not many passengers .

They are doing some work for some time and Linate will be the subject of an imposing restoration in the next few months, in fact this airport really needed it; our favorite bar is closed as a result of the work but it does not matter: we fly business class and therefore we go to have breakfast at the lounge.

We take advantage of the lounge to change: we put our winter clothes in our hand baggage and we dress with something lighter; in the Ivory Coast we expect 35 degrees!

We cannot wait!

brussels airlines business lounge