We are coming back from our trip to South Africa and we are in transit at Addis Ababa, our flight to Milan leaves at 11:45pm; we stay at the Ethiopian's lounge until the last moment, as we have the privileged controls and boarding we have time.

We pass the checks and wait for them to call our flight, while we wait they call many other flights: Johannesburg (who wants to go back!), Tokyo, Seoul, Chennai, Toronto, Washington, Vienna, Brussels, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Kampala , Asmara, Entebbe ... in a few minutes we have been around the world!

In fact, Ethiopian Airlines serves more than 100 destinations worldwide and has recently announced the opening of new routes.

Finally they call our flight, we pass the gate and take the bus that gets us to our plane, this time it is not the Dreamliner but an Airbus 777-200.

We take place at our seats, we  fly business class and Ethiopian Airlines is one of the most comfortable business classes we've ever tried.

We get comfortable and, while they complete the boarding, we need a glass of champagne and a toast to the trip just ended and the next trips we are already studying.

We take off on time and, as soon as the seat belt signal goes off, we recline the seat; in practice it is a single bed.

We do not want to have dinner, we are not hungry because we have already had dinner at the Ethiopian Airlines lounge at the Addis Ababa airport, so we sleep.

The flight takes about 6 hours and we sleep throughout it, on the other hand the reclined seat looks like a real bed.

When we wake up we are flying over central Italy and they are serving breakfast; we raise the back just enough to eat and enjoy the last hour of flight in relaxation.

We land at Malpensa at 7.00am, we pass the checks and go to collect our luggage; luckily they all arrived intact.

Before going to get our car, waiting for us at the parking lot, we decide to drink another coffee.

It's official, we're back home, but we're happy with the trip we've made, every day has been an incredible discovery.

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