We are in Johannesburg, this morning we wake up and have breakfast, today is the day of our departure to go back home, and we already miss so much our Dr. Livingstone.

At about 10:00am we take the shuttle by our hotel and we go to the airport.

First we go to the Vodacom store to return the portable wi-fi we rented; although not very cheap it was the ideal solution for us, in this way we always had the connection, for the entire duration of our journey.

We go to the check in, we pass the checks and make the exit from the country: bye bye South Africa, see you soon!

We take a ride around the airport, of course we go to our favorite souvenir shop: Out of Africa; we buy some gifts and then go to the lounge, that is located on the top floor of the shopping arcade.

We stay at the lounge until boarding time, then we reach the gate and get on board; even on the way back, as during the first leg, we fly business class, so we settle down on the seats and get comfortable waiting to leave, the hostess brings us some excellent champagne to deceive the wait.

We take off and watch South Africa get away; we come back soon, there are no doubts!

Once arrived at altitude we have lunch accompanied by a fabulous merlot; for sure business class is another way of travelling.

The flight from Johannesburg to Addis Ababa is not particularly long, it is about 5 and a half hours; after lunch we do not want to see any movie, we prefer to chat, we are already deciding the itinerary of the next trip on board our Dr. Livingstone, it is the only way not to suffer the distance.

We see from the monitor that we are flying over Tanzania, another place where we left a piece of our heart and where we want to return; the concentration of animals in Tanzania is second to none and people are truly spectacular.

We fly over Kenya and finally arrive in Ethiopia, the paradox is that, flying Ethiopian Airlines, we landed many times in Addis Ababa, but we never left the airport, but Ethiopia is a country we want to visit, we have to add it to our program!

We land and go directly to the lounge; Addis Ababa airport is the typical African airport, until they open the new one it does not offer much.

We have four hours of transit, it's time for dinner, so we're in the lounge, have dinner and watch a bit of photos of our trip on the iPhone; South Africa we miss you so much already.