Today we leave, we return to Milan with a lot of sadness in the heart, because we would like to stay here.

We handed our car to the long-term parking caretaker who keeps it until the next round, so we're ready to get in the airport with all of our luggage.

Queuing at Qatar's check-in there is no one, so we deliver the suitcases, take the tickets, and go to the control.

There are a few people, but the queue runs fast and luckily they did not open all luggage as it often happens.

Immediately after we leave the country: Bye Bye South Africa, we will meet again soon!

We go right and go straight to Out of Africa, our favorite store here at Johannesburg Airport; usually, when we pass from here, we always buy something pretty, and this time we do not make an exception.

In the showcase they have colored banded giraffes, they are gorgeous and under the bandages they are made of wood and are just as beautiful.

I ask for the price to a shop assistant, I wish I never did; the giraffe does not have a tag and a cashier tells him maybe it is under the bandages, so he throws it all over and tells me "I hope your flight is not in a short time"; very well!

When he has finished unwrapping it the price tag is not even under, but at least I can see it and it is beautiful.

At that point he tells me "we have to check on the computer" and at first one, then two, then three of them try to check but they cannot find the price.

Jokingly I say "then it's free!",  they laugh but meanwhile they do not find it.

At some point another shop assistant arrives with the meter and a much smaller giraffe; they measure the little one and the one I want, and they make strange calculations.

Only in Africa these things happen and I missed it after spending the last two days between the Karoo and Bloemfontein, where it seems to be more in Texas than in an African country.

Eventually they succeed, or rather decide a price by calculating the height of the giraffe, honestly I did not understand, but it was fun to watch the whole scene; I pay and go looking for the lounge; we are loaded and we no longer want to roam around, we just want to drink something, relax and wait for the embarking of our flight.

In recent years, Joburg airport has been enlarged, almost doubling its surface; after all, almost all Southern African air traffic passes from here.

We board and soon after we depart; it is evening, outside it is dark and underneath us there is an infinite expanse of lights, as far as the eye can see, it is Johannesburg.

Every time we would never want to leave this wonderful continent, but we know it's not a farewell, but rather a "see you soon" and then, as the ad of Amarula mentioned some time ago "You can leave Africa but Africa will never leave you", and it is exactly like that.