Good news coming from China!
Since the Chinese government shut down the factories carving ivory in March 2017 and with the closure of all ivory items outlets expected by the end of 2017, the ivory price, as raw material, further lowered reaching the historical minimum.
Over the past three years, the price has fallen down by two-thirds, according to the Save the Elephants analysis, and this is due to a general fall in demand.
The demand has partly fallen due to the awareness campaigns by various organizations that are concerned with the survival of the species, but also due to a Chinese economic slowdown, that has had the effect that fewer people are now able to afford luxury goods, including ivory objects, considered a status symbol.
The Chinese government, that for years has not taken care of the problem, has ultimately surrendered to the International pressure and has also adopted a policy of repression against corruption, that is deterring from the purchase of illegal ivory items introduced into China through corruption of customs officials.
Another step was taken in the hope of halting illegal trade and especially the slaughter of these poor animals that are barbarously killed without pity; everyone's hope is that elephants can live long in the savannahs and forests of Africa