We are at Johannesburg in South Africa, we spent a month traveling around Botswana and Northern South Africa, this morning we went to have brunch at the Fourways Farmers Market; we like it so much that we have decided that, from now on, it will be our favorite place for Sunday brunch every time we are in Jozi.

Unfortunately the time has come to leave, we have to take our Dr Livingstone to Bushlore because we have to put the solar panel in order to always have the power, it also needs a check-up after the Botswana sand tracks, we also have to fix the broken brake and the odometer that no longer works ... in short, a lot of work.

We leave from Fourways, we set the navigator and we go; it takes about half an hour to get to Bushlore, without the navigator we would not have been able to get there, Joburg is immense and, with all the roads it has, it is easy to lose orientation.

We arrive at Bushlore, park our Dr Livingstone, unload all the suitcases and wait for Dixon to arrive, the guy to whom we must leave the keys and who will accompany us to the airport.

He takes a while to arrive but we are early so we don't worry.

While we wait, an English family also arrives, they have the flight tomorrow, but they have already returned the car and Dixon leaves them at the hotel, while he takes us to the airport.

Here we are, the time to leave has come, what a sadness, thank goodness that we will be back soon!


We enter the airport, we immediately check-in so we send the bags and then we go to make the controls and finally the exit from the country: Bye bye South Africa!

We go for a ride at Indiba and Out of Africa but this year there is nothing nice, it's the first time that we don't buy anything, incredible!

Our flight is still a little bit away, so we go to the lounge to wait and have a drink until boarding.

We board first and, while all the other passengers board, we have time to settle down and drink a glass of champagne, we are sad because we are returning home, we might as well drown the sadness in the bubbles!

We take off a little late but we don't care much, it will probably recover in flight and even if it doesn't recover it doesn't matter, we are certainly not in a hurry to go home.

Once at altitude they serve dinner and, as always, we order the beef fillet, as they do it on board Swiss Air no other company does; we enjoy our dinner with a glass of burgundy while watching a movie and then sleeping.

At some point something wakes us up, we look at the monitor to see where we are and we realize we are above North Africa, to be precise we are leaving the African continent right now ... every time we come back we wake up right at this point, it is our Africa that is greeting us!

It is 4.30 in the morning, it is still early so we go back to sleep; we wake up when there is little left at the beginning of the landing because they serve us breakfast.

We have returned to Europe, on the one hand it is nice to go home because we see our friends again, but on the other we already miss our Africa very much.

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Thursday, December 5, 2019