We are still in Botswana and the day today was challenging and full of emotions: it started at sunrise with a 4x4 safariat the Chobe National Park, and then continued with a boat safarion the Chobe river, again inside the park; we had lunch and a shopping trip at Kasane and then crossed the Chobe Riverfront along the main road and left the park by the Ngoma Gate.

From here we continued our journey, we passed the village of Kachikau and then arrived at the Barangwe Pan, a natural area that is halfway between the Chobe Riverfront, the Linyantiand the Savuti; all these areas are part of the Chobe National Park.

This evening we set up the camp at the camping area of ​​the Tholobo's Bush Lodge, this lodge, in addition to having the cottages has in fact an area dedicated to those who do camping, the nice thing is that we can take advantage of all the lodge's services so, after having arrived at the camp and having set our tents, we went to the central body of the lodge, a two-story building overlooking a waterhole


On the upper floor there is a living room and a bar for guests, there is also a very beautiful wooden terrace that allows to have a privileged view of the waterhole.

This is the last night of this wonderful mobile safari with our friends so we decide to take a bottle of South African white wine, a very good 2018 Chardonnay, to toast to this journey that is about to end, at least for our friends; a wonderful and fun experience that led us to discover the Moremi Game Reserve, Savuti and the Chobe Riverfront.

We drink wine, we chat, we laugh and we comment on our journey that is about to end, and in the meantime every now and then we throw an eye to the waterhole to see if any animal comes to drink; in fact with the drought that is happening this year it should not remain deserted for a long time.

In fact, shortly after we see a dust rise over the bushes on the opposite side of the waterhole compared to where we are and we hear the unmistakable sound of hooves that heralds the arrival of buffaloes.

Shortly afterwards the first specimens begin to arrive and, in a short time, the waterhole is completely invaded by buffaloes, most of them drink, some enter the water, while others apparently walk in search of the best point from which to drink.


The sun is setting and the scene of all these buffaloes is truly spectacular.

As they quenched their thirst they walked slowly towards the bush and then disappeared into the bushes, it was a beautiful sighting.

When even the last buffalo left the puddle we leave the terrace and return to our camp where Titti is cooking our dinner; there is still a bit of time and so while we wait we drink an aperitif and Silvan enjoys helping Titti in the kitchen.

At dinner, thanks to wine and gin and tonic, we begin to laugh and say a stupid series of things, but this is the last night of mobile safari and the last night in Botswana for our friends.

After dinner we are very undecided about what to do, whether to return to the terrace to see if someone else has come to the puddle or to stay at the camp chatting and drinking; before moving we try to see if we see something from our camp and in fact we see black shapes approaching, they are certainly elephants so we have no more doubts: we go back to the terrace!


When we arrive we find about fifty elephants that are drinking at the puddle, they are hard to see because it is dark, although there are lights that point on the waterhole, there is not even the moon tonight; thank goodness that some elephant approaches the terrace, it is almost impossible to take photographs, but I try anyhow.

We enjoy this magical moment, elephants are exceptional and very intelligent animals and it is always a sight when you see them and you can observe them without disturbing them, as in this case.

After a while we return to our camp, it is not late but this morning we got up early so some of us are a bit tired, but it is also the last night and we have to drink the last Amarula together; the result is that we spend the following two hours drinking, saying shit and laughing ... thank goodness the other guests of the campsite are far away or they would have hated us.

We are very sorry that this is the last night, tomorrow our friends will leave and return to Italy while we continue with our trip to Botswana; we had a lot of fun with them, we hope there is another chance to take a trip together.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019